Thursday, August 31, 2006

Wow it's been awhile

What can I say... I have been totally busy this summer. I can't believe the summer has come and gone with school starting next week.. Wow where does the time go? So we went on vacation this summer. We took a month long trip back home to Illinois. It had been awhile since I seen my parents, little brother and family. I so missed them and Loved every min. of my visit. Just being around family really made me miss them more. I know it sounds totally weird but when you haven't been home for 5 years. You just keep on missing everyone. I really think I miss my dad the most. I am a daddy's girl and I swear I can't go a few days without calling him to see how he is and what he has been up to. I swear he must think i'm crazy, but I love to check up on him. My mom is always on the go so I feel like I have to. LOL

Well today was kind of a bummer day!!!

Scenic Route DT calls went out today and well I didn't get a call. Something I was hoping for, but with over 500 submissons and only 9 spots. They sure can't pick everyone!!!


Chelsea from Stemma really liked my Altered Treasure Chest that I just did and wants to display it at Memory Trends. I am soooooo super excited about this. So this totally made my day!!! To have something that I made for myself to be on display at a big show like Memory trends is totally HUGE for me!!!! I did submit to the design team call at Stemma. I will keep keeping my fingers crossed for that one!! It would be such an honor to design for a company like Stemma. They were the company that totally blew me away at CHA. They were so fun and friendly and always asked how you were doing. Awesome awesome Team!

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