Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring? Maybe!

Well I have been thinking of doing the Basic Grey "Spring" contest but I have no Spring pictures. So I decided to look out in the yard for some signs of spring!

This is our tree in the front yard!

So do you think there are any signs of spring by looking at this tree?

Well if you look up in the tree this is what you will see!

See any signs Yet? Well if you will take a closer look with me this is what you will see

Alas signs of spring do lurk in this tree!

These are my POD for Today and well to make up for a few I missed!

So do you think these would be good to use on a Spring layout for a contest?

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Friday, March 24, 2006

It's a wet one today!

Well today is really no different then any other day here in the Pacific NW. Rain, Rain and more Rain! LOL

Fridays with rain are just no fun!!

I am finally feeling better after having a stomach virus! Blah that was no fun!

Here are 2 POD for today! I figure I will take 2 a day to catch up for when I was busy and then sick!

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday SUSAN!

Well today is Susan's Birthday. Most people know that Susan is like a Sister to me!

Anyway with us living so far apart what better way to celebrate her day then CELEBRATING it!

So Susan here is your Cake we got you! It's a Strawberry Boston! One of my favorites!!

Oh and you know we are gonna have presents but the celebration will all start after dinner!

I hope you have a great Birthday Susan!!! I miss ya!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Picture Day

Today I took the kids to have pictures taken. My mom has been bugging me to get some pictures done of the kids! So away I went with it! I had found this place that does antique pictures. They dress the kids up and have all kinds of props! He let me take one pictures so I could e-mail to hubby to get his approval on the pictures and if he likes them then he may not mind the price of the pictures! Here is my POD for today!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Catching Up

Ever feel like you are never going to get everything done that you need to get done? That is me right now! I feel like I am constantly playing catch up. I will eventually get it all done. For those that are doing the POD at Scrappin Trends. Here is my POD from yesterday! I am just having a blast with one of my photo editing programs! Can't ya tell! I just loved the look this picture got when I did an added feature to the black and white photo. I used this picture in my circle journal that I am also doing on Scrappin Trends. I hope ya like the picture!

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Growing up to fast!

This weekend I have been watching my 13 year old a lot! Just watching how he carries him self, how long he spends doing his hair, picking out his clothes etc. I come to a realization that my baby, my first born is almost a man... 13 wow where does the time go??? When most people see Noah or talk to him they think he is 16. Which that shocks me, but Noah is mature for his age. I mean when hubby is deployed he IS the man of the house. He has a pretty deep voice for only being 13. He is in 7th grade and has accomplished so much already. Noah is already a 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and is only a few months away from getting his 2nd degree Black Belt. He wrestles varsity level at school. He is for the most part an A - B student with a pretty decent GPA of 3.82 I can't ask for a much better kid. The girls at school help stroke his ego by flirting with him all the time. It just seems like not to long ago I was changing his diapers... Is there any way to stop them from growing up? Today Noah let me take some pictures of him outside. I was shocked and well I just couldn't pass it up! So I snapped away! I must have about 50 pictures that I took of him today! It's not everyday he lets me take his picture! So for my POD I couldn't decide on just one! I had to put up a couple. I did turn them black and white though! I just love the effect it gave the pictures! The first picture is One of my favorites!!!

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Saturday we went to Tish's house so the kids could all play and her and I can scrapbook or at least attempt to get some layouts done! We had a gorgeous day. Which is rare here this time of year! Anyway I forgot my camera so I borrowed Tish's camera and took a few shots of everyone outside! My POD for Saturday is this one

The reason why I picked this one is the excitement on Joshua's face is priceless. The JOY of being on a power wheel and zooming past everyone was the thrill of the day for Joshua. When I look at this picture it makes me smile and anyone who looks at it will know he is having a blast! I so can't wait to scrapbook this one!

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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Green Day

Have you ever had one of those days that just seemed to drag on and on. I swear it should be like 7pm and it's only just after 2pm. Joshua and I have just bummed out today in the house. It looks gorgeous out side but it is chilly. So we decided to stay in and play. We have been rocking out to Green Day playing with playdoh, we colored, watched TV. I have had enough of cartoons. I'm not a huge cartoon fan. Josh has spent most of the day pretending to be the incredible hulk (hence the green again). STOMPING around and making his voice sound very deep! Letting me know all about the movie. He is soooo funny at times. He has a HUGE imagination and doesn't FORGET a thing! While watching TV it dawned on me that I hadn't taken my POD (photo of the day) for the challenge going on at Scrappin Trends so what better subject then my child watching TV.

Now Joshua still has his blankie. As you can see. He takes it every where with him that we will allow him to. Now his blankie isn't the ordinary blankie he has a full size GREEN blankie he lugs with him. This is his 4th blankie I believe. The last one was awful. It was like he was carrying around a huge skein of yarn that had seen it's better days. Anyway adding to the Green day I decided to take my POD to the next level and well as you can see I made my own Incredible JOSH. LOL So you tell me... Which picture do you like? I think I added more fuel to the imagination of my 4 year old! I wonder what color he will want to be next?

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Out my front Door...

Well today has been one of those weird kind of weather days. Almost makes me feel like i'm back home. Anyway we started the day with high winds and loads of rain then it started to snow. Then snow mixed with rain and now it's all nice and sunny! I am actually having a great day today! You wouldn't know I didn't fall asleep till like 4:30am. It was one of those nights where no matter what I tried to get to sleep nothing worked. I ended up watching RENT for the 10th time, then read 10 chapters in my book. Came down stairs around 3am and e-mailed hubby. sniff sniff I miss my hubby! Thank god I have our children to keep me busy and well I have other things to keep me busy as well. Like house work. I did have all my house work and the kids chores done by 11 am this morning! Now I have nothing to do! I'm just sitting here at my comp rocking out to GREEN DAY! I so love Green Day! Anyway as I was in the livingroom dancing and rocking with Green Day I looked outside and wonderd what it looked like out of eveyones front door??? Is the weather nice? Is your yard clean? So that got me to thinking about my POD... So here it is Ladies and Gents. Look out my front door!!!

And well just to show you how weird the weather has been here is what you will see if you look up out my front door!

I decided to play with the landscape setting on my camera. I need to get familiar with it.. It's one setting I never used till today! I hope you enjoy looking out my front door and I hope to look out yours real soon!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lunch Time

Joshua goes to school all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays so the other days he is home with mom. Today is Wednesday and it's Lunch time. Joshua can be picky about what he eats and how it is to be presented. Most of the time he doesn't care, but every now and then he gets the picky bug. So today I asked him what he wanted for lunch?? Well when I turned down the bowl of sherbert I guess he thought he was gonna make it hard on me. So he ordered up 2 pieces of Turkey Ham No bread (he doesn't like rye and that is all I have in the house at the moment.) 5 strawberries with the tops cut off and a group of grapes as he calls it! No problem. Then he says he wants the Turkey Ham Rolled up and the strawberries next to the turkey ham and the grapes by it self on the plate. Oh and a glass of soda which I turned down so he settled for MILK. While getting the milk he stole a strawberry and walked into the living room laughing because I had thought I dropped it and was looking for it!! I tell ya he is a stinker! Anyway I thought what better way to get my POD done! I guess I still need to play with the settings and the light in the kitchen. I had the light on but it still looks dark! His lunch looks yummy and well he ate it ALL. I don't mind them being picky as long as they eat what they ask for. I often find myself asking them to help me cook that way if they help cook it they will eat it!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rainy days are here again

Well the sunny breezy days are gone and the wind and rain has blown in once again. Just another typical day here in the Pacific Northwest. Today I had a lunch meeting which went really well. I can't really speak of everything yet until everything is finalized. The opportunity is awesome for My business, my design team and I. Susan is also a key player in this as always. She is my right hand gal so to speak or as she would say my muse! LOL I did stop in to get a couple copies of Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire today. One for the house and one to ship out to hubby. The kids will be wanting to put it in right when they get home! BUT I am taking Isaiah to taekwondo early today. Noah has an away wrestling meet so we are going early to get it out of the way!

For those doing the POD on Scrappin Trends I have yesterdays and today's. Sorry I had a blah day yesterday and just vegged out on the couch!

Here is today's POD

I know don't they look yummmmmy! I figured out what the "flower symbol" on the camera setting stands for! LOL for those that don't know it is for CLOSE UP PICTURES! I used the strawberries because every time I opened up my refrigerator my eyes were drawn to how red the strawberries are! For those that are wondering YES they are as yummy and sweet as they look!

Here is yesterdays POD

This is Pokemon V's Battletech! My children always have a fun way of making up there own games and Joshua just loves playing with his big brother and as you can see big brother doesn't mind... This is just a typical winding down night in our house. I know the picture isn't that great but I think I may have figured out what the "sky with stars" symbol means! LOL I will test it out tonight! LOL

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Well you just gotta love a lazy Sunday. We spent most of the day watching movies. We spent some time outside as well since we are having a beautiful weekend. Tonight the awards are on till 11pm. So we will just pop in a movie and then go to bed. We did manage to do laundry today though!

For those POD people at Scrappin Trends here are a few pictures for you!

I wish the dinner one would of came out better. I didn't have the light on over the stove which I should of. There is a blue tint to the picture which I don't like, but dinner turned out yummmmmy!

The kids were all sitting at the table coloring and I had to snap a few pictures of them coloring. Here is one. I just love my little guys hands. I often find my self just looking at his hands. I did cut his finger nails after his bath tonight.

So tell me how to make sure I don't get the blue tint in my picture again?

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

First POD

Now to get to the POD (Picture of the DAY) from the message board.

I have this 3.1 Mega pixel camera that I didn't think took a decent picture till I took it out side and started snapping away! They acutally took great pictures outside to my surprise. It does ok inside when you have a lot of lighting to use!

The first picture was taken today! Montana sent me this gorgeous flower cake! I tell ya I miss that little Sweety! I had so much fun playing with her at Susans house!

The last 3 pictures were taken yesterday!

Ladies tell me what you think of my pictures! LOL

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Have you ever just stopped and listened to how loud your house is? I never really thought about how loud my house is till just recently. This week to be honest! Anyway it always seems like there is something running in the house. If it's not the dishwasher it's the laundry going, Tv's are usually on, Computer is always on. To add to the noise of a busy house are the children in it. If the children aren't fighting or teasing, there rough housing or even better. Belching, Farting and even the fart sounds they make from putting there hand under there sweaty arm pits and pumping away. They seem to think these noises are funny so then the house is filled with laughter which I totally LOVE. Don't get me wrong I love the noises my children make, but does your house have to be so loud that you can hear what's going on from the end of the drive way with the doors and windows shut? Or even hear yourself think. I have found myself spending a lot of time up in my room with my little guy reading and just watching something funny on the tv. I usually fall asleep with the TV on, but this week I have actually been turning it off every night. I swear I am getting much better sleep. I wake up when the alarm clock goes off which I know is a total shock to my hubby. He is always asking me if I hear the alarm clock . I always say NO and he says Yeah I can see that.LOL Baby i'm sorry and I love you! Anyway My goal this month is to TURN THE VOLUME DOWN in our home. To have the children really concentrate on there inside voice because there is such a thing and they use these inside voices at school so why can't they use them while at home. I know my husband will totally love a quieter house and a night of sleep with out the tv on!

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Friday, March 03, 2006

There is no place like home.

Living on the west coast has sure taken some getting use to. I am still not down with all the rain Seattle gets. Today is just a gorgeous day. The sun is shining and well you don't need to wear a jacket. Jeans and a long sleeve shirt will do today. Joshua and I took a walk around the block. He got his fresh air and burned some energy where I got some well needed exercise and sun! I love the sun. The sunnier the better for me. Here on the west coast days like this at this time of the year are very hard to come by. Once we get use to it, it will be time to move again. Being married to the love of my life who is active duty. We tend to move every 3-4 years. So we have about 1 more year here and then it will be time to pack up and start getting use to a new place, a new atmosphere and yet another adventure awaiting my family. I have to say being a military family has really given us some great experiences and showed us different parts of the US. My children have met some really neat people, seen some really neat things and have had experiences that not every child will ever have. Although the experiences have been great. It's time to finally go some where close to home and have FAMILY near by.. There is just no place like home!

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