Saturday, March 04, 2006


Have you ever just stopped and listened to how loud your house is? I never really thought about how loud my house is till just recently. This week to be honest! Anyway it always seems like there is something running in the house. If it's not the dishwasher it's the laundry going, Tv's are usually on, Computer is always on. To add to the noise of a busy house are the children in it. If the children aren't fighting or teasing, there rough housing or even better. Belching, Farting and even the fart sounds they make from putting there hand under there sweaty arm pits and pumping away. They seem to think these noises are funny so then the house is filled with laughter which I totally LOVE. Don't get me wrong I love the noises my children make, but does your house have to be so loud that you can hear what's going on from the end of the drive way with the doors and windows shut? Or even hear yourself think. I have found myself spending a lot of time up in my room with my little guy reading and just watching something funny on the tv. I usually fall asleep with the TV on, but this week I have actually been turning it off every night. I swear I am getting much better sleep. I wake up when the alarm clock goes off which I know is a total shock to my hubby. He is always asking me if I hear the alarm clock . I always say NO and he says Yeah I can see that.LOL Baby i'm sorry and I love you! Anyway My goal this month is to TURN THE VOLUME DOWN in our home. To have the children really concentrate on there inside voice because there is such a thing and they use these inside voices at school so why can't they use them while at home. I know my husband will totally love a quieter house and a night of sleep with out the tv on!

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SageHen said...

I am so used to the noise in my house (I always have the radio going to my talk stations, too) that when it's not there it feels strange, and I want to take a nap.