Friday, September 29, 2006

What makes you laugh?

I love watching my children. Especially when they don't realize i'm watching them. My little guy (Joshua) cracks me up all the time. He is a character. At 5 he says and does the most amazing things. He loves to read and do math. He can add numbers in his head already. Everyday when he wakes up he say "mom give me a math question." So I always have to have one ready for him. There not just those "what's 2 + 2" questions. This morning his question was.

If mommy had 8 cookies and gave 2 to Joshua 1 to Isaiah, 2 to Noah and 1/2 of 1 to Miranda how many would mommy have left. He laughed right away and says mom come on that is so easy it's 2 1/2!!!

So tomorrow morning I am gonna make it harder on him. lol

So back to the question at hand.... what makes you laugh????

In thinking of that question all week. I came across a picture earlier this week that I just had to use for the Arctic Frog Deal of No Deal challenge.

The Challenge this week is to use a comic book one word expression on your layout.

So when I seen this certain picture I knew exactly what I wanted to do after my husband pointed out that infact the word I wanted to use is in a comic book which they turned into a movie. I didn't realize it was a comic book before. Thank goodness my hubby knows his comic books! LOL

I hope this layout makes yall laugh as much as it has made us laugh.

So really it's the simple things in life that make us laugh the most. Seriously think about it. We always get a great laugh when we watch our children, pets, spouses etc and we get even bigger laughs when they don't realize we are watching them. Simple!!! It feels great to laugh and well it puts a smile on your face. So make sure you reflect on the simple things in your life and get a great laugh out of it.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006


Music..... I love music. I am always singing. I drove hubby nuts this morning with a song and now he can't get it out of his head! LOL The funny thing is I have no idea how I know this song or who sings it. "Puff the magic dragon" LOL Yeah that must of been something that my mother listened to!!!LOL

So Music is my thing!

I love the freedom of music. That artist can write what they are feeling, put it in a song and let the world hear it. AWESOME!

So those that know me know I love Billie Joe from Green Day.. MMM MMM MMM Next to hubby that is! LOL

So I decided to start a Rocker Challenge on The challenge is that you have to do a layout with your favorite rocker, group etc. Use there Album cover as your sketch for the layout..

So I did Billie Joe aka Green Day....

I totally LOVE how it turned out!!!! I did the layout on a piece of glass to get the effect I wanted.

The cover of the album is kind of cool. It has a clear hard cover that slips over the case. So when you slip it off the case it is clear with all the photos, titles etc. on it. Totally cool! That's why I used glass for the layout! LOL

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