Friday, April 28, 2006

What color is your hair!

These are the words my mom said to my daughter when she told her we colored her hair PINK! LOL

I did manage to get some more pics of her hair when she was outside this morning!
See it's not as vivid as the last picture. I think it looks cute on her and I can't wait to put in the black streaks!LOL

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Love your Smile

Ok so like Joe at Scrappin Trends said if you can't think of something to blog about blog about things you love/like! So I thought why not update my blog with something I love. Well ok I am one of those mom's I guess you can say that let there children do a lot more then some mom's. There is always a fine line there somewhere though. I love being involved in my childrens lives but I don't choose there likes and dislikes. I encourage them to voice there opinions and to be who they are. I don't tell them how to dress but I do buy there clothes so if something is a bit over the top my pocket book is shut so to speak. I would have to say for the most part I have pretty good kids. Yeah they fight and have there moments. Ok so getting back to the topic and getting to the point. Miranda (the only girl other then myself in the house) is always ready for a debate etc. Miranda is only 11 1/2 as she reminds me. She gets Awesome grades and reads and comprehends at a college level. Her favorite book is Little woman and she is always looking up stuff. So when she comes to me asking if I will dye her hair I told her that's not a problem, but she has to wait till after spring pictures. Well the other day she reminds me that spring pictures have come and gone. So we go into Sally's. I had decided to do streaks in hair but she wanted a lot of streaks so I get a frosting cap as I didn't have anymore at home. So I tell her to pick out a color that she wants. Ok so when most kids want there hair streaked you think blond right?? Well not my daughter. She wants to be well lets just use BOLD, DIFFERENT & BRIGHT. Well ok it's just dye right. Well I then tell her in order to get hair this color we have to bleach it first so it's gonna take longer then just dying it. She obviously didn't care! So I get the bleaching stuff, the color and the frosting cap!

$15.00 for Supplies
2 1/2 hours later
1 Priceless Smile

Well as you can see we did A LOT of streaks. I told her this weekend we would put on the frosting cap an do ever other row and color those back to her natural color. She says she is thinking black! I swear I have created a monster. Her hair isn't this bright in real life I swear. It was really dark in the room and I haven't had a chance to get another picture yet!LOL

I just love her smile. She spent 2 hours clapping jumping up and down screaming I LOVE IT when I was done!

I can't wait to scrap the pictures. Yes we got pictures from start to finish! LOL

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tulip Festival

Well yesterday we went to the Tulip Festival. It's about 20 min from the house. Other then the traffic being way crazy the day was awesome... I have never seen so many tulips in my life. LOL Noah & I took some fun pictures. Most of these posted here are ones Noah took. I took the first one and the last tw0. I think he has a real nich for photography. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do and I just couldn't help but put a few of my little guy on here. Click on the pictures to enlarge them for a better view.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pictures from Hubby

Well Hubby sent some pictures so yall will be the first to see them!

I have to say I have been excited to get the pictures of the Star Stars.

I hope yall enjoy them as much as the kids and I have!

Statue of Bruce Lee

I had to make sure I put this picture in! It is part of the star walk and I haven't found out what the cars on the side of this piture are yet, but when I find out you will be the first to know! LOL

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hubby Called

Well hubby finally got to call home last night and called once today and i'm waiting for him to call again this evening! They are finally in a port and waiting in the long lines to use the phones to call home!!! It is so great just to hear his voice! I swear no matter how many times I do this when he calles I still get all teared up. It's hard sometimes not being able to hear his voice or to hear him say "Baby I love you!" He has told me he has been checking out the sites taking pictures of the Star's Stars (if that makes sense to anyone out there) I can't wait for him to down load the pictures and send me some so I can see all the great sites he is seeing! That is the only thing I am jealous about hubby getting to go overseas on cruises. He gets to see some amazing places. Places I will probably never ever get to see, but I wouldn't trade places with him when he has to be delployed. Just the thought of not being able to hear my childrens voices, see them everyday and to be able to leave work after a bad day. That would so suck, but then again a week of peace doesn't sound toooo bad! LOL If only it was just for a week! The ship will be leaving port soon and then the wait to hear his voice again. ughhhh 6 months is a long time!!! Hubby already missed my Birthday, he will miss Miranda's, Isaiah's and Joshua's Birthdays plus our anniversary and Miranda's sixth grade graduation plus Easter and we always have a great feast on Cinco De Mayo with loads of friends over for a great fiesta. Hubby will also be out to sea for his birthday!

Today I came across some pictures of hubby and the kids wrestling. They are the funniest pictures and well they made me cry cuz I miss my hubby! I did promise hubby I wouldn't scrap them. So I guess for now till I can talk him into letting me scrap them they are just for me to look at and chuckle!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

My day just isn't right with out CHAI

If I don't have my chai in the morning my day just isn't right. I swear if I don't have it nothing goes right!!! This is my drink of choice... What's yours?

So I was thinking about things that totally bug me and I don't know why!

Like if someone leaves the cap off the toothpaste! Bugs me!
If someone does dishes and leaves soap ontop of the soap bottle. Oh my god this is a huge one! I swear my kids rinse it off everytime they use it because they know how much it bugs me!

I hate to have dirty dishes in my sink but when that is one of the kids chores I just stare at the sink and they get the pictures. When there in school I clean up my dishes from the day and put them in the dishwasher so why is that kids can't do that no matter how many time you tell them.

Another thing that bugs me is when kids leave there dirty clothes on the bathroom floor! ummmmmmmm we have hampers for that!!!

Does your toilet paper go over the roll or under the roll?

Socks! I hate folding socks! Why is it that sometimes when you put 10 matching pairs of socks in the wash you only get 9.5 when they come out of the dryer? Where did that other sock go?

Can ya tell I have been bored today???

Well I did manage to get a layout done for a challenge! It was a color challenge and I chose green, pink and black! I have been wanting to scrap this picture of Miranda when I permed her hair! I swear the things girls will do to make them self look beautiful! I just love the look on her face here. Noah was taking the pictures and well he must of took like 50 pictures and well here she had had enough and didn't want to look at the camera any longer!

I like the way it turned out even though I messed up on the BG rub-on! I tried to fix it a bit, but then said oh well and dotted and lined and well it came out pretty good!!!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Well I have been so busy with this and that. The children are out on Spring break this week and well Noah isn't having the best spring break as he has been sick for a few days now! He is on some meds so hopefully he will get better soon! I have been busy trying to catch up on my layouts!!! Here is one I just finished this morning.

Isaiah is always on the swings outside so I had asked him what he was doing as he was winding him self up for a spin on the swing. He said "This is what I do when i'm thinking mom" So his words translate the title.

So the Basic Grey "Spring" Contest calls have gone out and well my phone didn't ring! So here is my layout I did for that contest! I am rather happy with it! I love too doodle and well i'm sure you can tell! In highschool my teachers hated grading my papers because they were filled not only with answers but doodles. The more they put little notes on my work about "a little less doodles next time" I think the more I doodled! I always got an A in ART though! LOL

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