Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I Love your Smile

Ok so like Joe at Scrappin Trends said if you can't think of something to blog about blog about things you love/like! So I thought why not update my blog with something I love. Well ok I am one of those mom's I guess you can say that let there children do a lot more then some mom's. There is always a fine line there somewhere though. I love being involved in my childrens lives but I don't choose there likes and dislikes. I encourage them to voice there opinions and to be who they are. I don't tell them how to dress but I do buy there clothes so if something is a bit over the top my pocket book is shut so to speak. I would have to say for the most part I have pretty good kids. Yeah they fight and have there moments. Ok so getting back to the topic and getting to the point. Miranda (the only girl other then myself in the house) is always ready for a debate etc. Miranda is only 11 1/2 as she reminds me. She gets Awesome grades and reads and comprehends at a college level. Her favorite book is Little woman and she is always looking up stuff. So when she comes to me asking if I will dye her hair I told her that's not a problem, but she has to wait till after spring pictures. Well the other day she reminds me that spring pictures have come and gone. So we go into Sally's. I had decided to do streaks in hair but she wanted a lot of streaks so I get a frosting cap as I didn't have anymore at home. So I tell her to pick out a color that she wants. Ok so when most kids want there hair streaked you think blond right?? Well not my daughter. She wants to be well lets just use BOLD, DIFFERENT & BRIGHT. Well ok it's just dye right. Well I then tell her in order to get hair this color we have to bleach it first so it's gonna take longer then just dying it. She obviously didn't care! So I get the bleaching stuff, the color and the frosting cap!

$15.00 for Supplies
2 1/2 hours later
1 Priceless Smile

Well as you can see we did A LOT of streaks. I told her this weekend we would put on the frosting cap an do ever other row and color those back to her natural color. She says she is thinking black! I swear I have created a monster. Her hair isn't this bright in real life I swear. It was really dark in the room and I haven't had a chance to get another picture yet!LOL

I just love her smile. She spent 2 hours clapping jumping up and down screaming I LOVE IT when I was done!

I can't wait to scrap the pictures. Yes we got pictures from start to finish! LOL

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JoE said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I remember those days well,

only we didn't have the choice of dyes for that color so we used kool-aid.

Love the photo, and the black streaks will definately be a nice touch!!!

Askinstoo said...
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Monica said...

love it....when my son was in jr. high we dyed his hair orange... i figure its just hair...not a piercing...I always tried to think "why not?" he looks at those pics now and just shrugs..haha...
i cant wait to see the black streaks...looks great so far!

SageHen said...

Hahahahaha Joe, my niece used Kool Aid too.

Nice ~ not something I would do, but it does seem to have made DD happy.

~Debby~ said...

We use to do kool-aid too.. that was fun!!
It looks great!