Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I love Halloween

With it only being 7 days away I have totally been in the Halloween Spirit.

I scrapped this layout on Friday and I just totally love how it turned out.

I used the Halloween Spooky Kit and Embellishment Kit the we put together at Scrappin Trends

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I can't wait for Halloween this year.. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and we will be home for trick or treating.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Things that can happen on a sidewalk...

Have you ever thought about all the things that have happened to you on a sidewalk or being in the wrong place at the right or wrong time?

I have been doing a lot of thinking or you can even call it soul searching. You know the kind of thinking you do when everything is at peace or it's totally quiet in your house and you just consume it and get into deep thought about the things around you, the things that have recently happened to you and those things that for some reason are never very far from your thoughts.

This week something not so great happened to me.
I had to fax a few documents off and went into one of those mail box etc places. Ones I hardly ever go to but I knew if I stopped at Staples to fax (like I usually do) I would leave there with a cart of thing that well I either need or think I need. So I thought I would go to a place where I can just fax and leave. Well after I got done getting my documents faxed and paid I was walking out and an elderly lady was walking out the door at the same time. So I helped her out with her cart she was pushing. We were standing on the sidewalk chatting waiting for cars to pass so we can get to our destination (mine was my car). When a very large man comes bolting out of a store near by and running down the sidewalk. We were watching this man get closer and closer to us. I thought he was going to keep on running. Well he decided he would get a kick out of pushing me and the lady off the sidewalk. He pushed us very hard off the sidewalk. I fell into the parking lot as the lady and her cart on top of me. Almost getting hit by a car. I looked up at the car and realized it was a police car. The officer jumped out of his car looked at me and the lady as I yelled we are ok just catch him. So the officer took off after the man. Store owners and customers came out to help me and the lady up and get all of her stuff back into her cart. The rescue squad came and checked me and the lady out. We were ok but very sore. The police man did catch the man who we found out was stealing stuff from one of the game stores near by. I have talked with the elderly lady and she is doing well. I am still a bit sore and bruised pretty badly. My right leg is bruised from my right thigh all the way to my toes. I am just very thankful that this man didn't have a weapon.

The good thing about what happened is the elderly lady didn't get hurt as bad as I did and we exchanged numbers and we have called each other several times checking on one another. On Tuesdays I am picking her up and taking her grocery shopping as she doesn't have a car and no family around to help. She will be with us on Thanksgiving and if we don't go out of town for Christmas I will be inviting her as well.

In getting hurt and taking time to rest and relax I read a great book.
I haven't read in some time due to being so busy. I love to read. I usually read a book a day.
If you are looking for a book full of laughter, a dog who is always snatching someone's food, an aunt that loves to go on high speed chases, A sexy carpenter and oh yeah a yuppie flasher. Then "Smitten" by Janet Evanovich is for you. It's a great read for those cold rainy days that you just want to cuddle up with a blanket and sit by the fireplace or even curl up with your man and read for an afternoon.
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I am currently reading "The Rocky Road To Romance" by Janet Evanovich. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. It's great so far.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Changing colors...

I just love it when the leaves start to change colors. That is one thing I miss about back home. You can watch the trees for days and days change colors. Here in Washington it seems like one day they are green the next they are a different color and then there brown and falling off the tree.

My daughter is now in Jr. High and with that she has started to come out of her shell so to speak. She is starting to voice her own opinions. Pick out her own outfits and yes she has started to shop in the Jr. Section. Not the little girl section any more. I don't mind it as long as it's all in good taste. So when we seen this shirt not only did we fall in love with it, but the first thing that came to mind was omg I have paper at home that will go awesome with that. LOL My daughter and husband laughed and shooked there heads at me like I was a complete nut case. On the other hand I loved it and couldn't wait till I caught her in the shirt and could take a picture to scrap.

It goes perfect doesn't it? LOL

So yes things have been busy. I think my pace this week has been as fast as the leaves changing colors out here. Boxes and boxes and boxes have been pouring in for the store and i'm waiting for more. Sharpies will be in this week. So excited about that. In all kinds of colors. Plus the rest of my Halloween kit stuff. I can't wait to sit down and play with all of that great stuff. I just love halloween. So on top of unloading boxes and sorting paper we picked 7 new design team members for Scrappin Trends. Well Sara and Susan had there work cut out for them. They picked 5 and made me pick the last one and well I couldn't decide so I picked two. lol The team is amazing. If you haven't checked out the gallery at Scrappin Trends you need to. It is sooooooooo full of inspiration. Amazing to look at.

So if you don't hear from me on my blog in a few days it may be because I am under a pile of amazing papers. lol

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