Thursday, March 28, 2013

Silk Colored Eggs...

Sorry for being MIA on my blog...  It's been a rough couple of months with moving, being sick and some other things going on, but I promise starting mid April I will be back in full swing!!!

This is a repeat post from April 2009...   Every year I get a couple e-mails from friends asking if I would re-post the following blog post because they can't remember how to make the Silk Wrapped colored eggs....   Enjoy!!!

Today was full of eggs.. I colored a dozen eggs using a silk scarf and the little guys and Miranda made rice crispy treat eggs. lol

Here are some photos of my eggs. I just love the way they turned out.

To make eggs like this here are the things you will need...

raw eggs
Silk (silk ties and scarfs are great to use)
cotton sheet
warm water
glass or enamal pan

  1. You will need to cut your silk and cotton down to about 5x5 squares
  2. wrap a raw egg in silk with the silky side on the egg & tie ends with a scrap piece of cotton
  3. wrap you silk wrapped egg in cotton and tie ends with a scrap piece of cotton
  4. continue wrapping till all your eggs are wrapped
  5. place all your eggs in a glass or enamel pan
  6. fill your pan with warm water till it covers all your eggs
  7. add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to your pan
  8. boil your eggs for 20 min
  9. once boiled take them out to cool for a few min and then unwrap
  10. You can rub your eggs with a little cooking oil and then wipe with a paper towel for a shiny looking egg.
Things to remember you need to have SILK to do this and the silk needs to be wrapped with the silky shiny side against the egg.

I hope you like the eggs and if you make these please comment with a link to yours.

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