Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hubby Called

Well hubby finally got to call home last night and called once today and i'm waiting for him to call again this evening! They are finally in a port and waiting in the long lines to use the phones to call home!!! It is so great just to hear his voice! I swear no matter how many times I do this when he calles I still get all teared up. It's hard sometimes not being able to hear his voice or to hear him say "Baby I love you!" He has told me he has been checking out the sites taking pictures of the Star's Stars (if that makes sense to anyone out there) I can't wait for him to down load the pictures and send me some so I can see all the great sites he is seeing! That is the only thing I am jealous about hubby getting to go overseas on cruises. He gets to see some amazing places. Places I will probably never ever get to see, but I wouldn't trade places with him when he has to be delployed. Just the thought of not being able to hear my childrens voices, see them everyday and to be able to leave work after a bad day. That would so suck, but then again a week of peace doesn't sound toooo bad! LOL If only it was just for a week! The ship will be leaving port soon and then the wait to hear his voice again. ughhhh 6 months is a long time!!! Hubby already missed my Birthday, he will miss Miranda's, Isaiah's and Joshua's Birthdays plus our anniversary and Miranda's sixth grade graduation plus Easter and we always have a great feast on Cinco De Mayo with loads of friends over for a great fiesta. Hubby will also be out to sea for his birthday!

Today I came across some pictures of hubby and the kids wrestling. They are the funniest pictures and well they made me cry cuz I miss my hubby! I did promise hubby I wouldn't scrap them. So I guess for now till I can talk him into letting me scrap them they are just for me to look at and chuckle!

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SageHen said...

I can't imagine how hard it must be for you and your family to have him away. But every day gets you closer to him being home.

(you could make copies of the photos and scrap them ... I'm just saying.)