Thursday, April 06, 2006

My day just isn't right with out CHAI

If I don't have my chai in the morning my day just isn't right. I swear if I don't have it nothing goes right!!! This is my drink of choice... What's yours?

So I was thinking about things that totally bug me and I don't know why!

Like if someone leaves the cap off the toothpaste! Bugs me!
If someone does dishes and leaves soap ontop of the soap bottle. Oh my god this is a huge one! I swear my kids rinse it off everytime they use it because they know how much it bugs me!

I hate to have dirty dishes in my sink but when that is one of the kids chores I just stare at the sink and they get the pictures. When there in school I clean up my dishes from the day and put them in the dishwasher so why is that kids can't do that no matter how many time you tell them.

Another thing that bugs me is when kids leave there dirty clothes on the bathroom floor! ummmmmmmm we have hampers for that!!!

Does your toilet paper go over the roll or under the roll?

Socks! I hate folding socks! Why is it that sometimes when you put 10 matching pairs of socks in the wash you only get 9.5 when they come out of the dryer? Where did that other sock go?

Can ya tell I have been bored today???

Well I did manage to get a layout done for a challenge! It was a color challenge and I chose green, pink and black! I have been wanting to scrap this picture of Miranda when I permed her hair! I swear the things girls will do to make them self look beautiful! I just love the look on her face here. Noah was taking the pictures and well he must of took like 50 pictures and well here she had had enough and didn't want to look at the camera any longer!

I like the way it turned out even though I messed up on the BG rub-on! I tried to fix it a bit, but then said oh well and dotted and lined and well it came out pretty good!!!

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Susan said...

I can attest to this woman's pet peeves! She came to visit at my house and one night at dinner, she started cleaning off the top of my ketchup bottle! LMAO!!!

scrapyoga said...

Amen to Chai!!!!! I LOVE IT TOO!!! gotta have it!!