Saturday, March 04, 2006

First POD

Now to get to the POD (Picture of the DAY) from the message board.

I have this 3.1 Mega pixel camera that I didn't think took a decent picture till I took it out side and started snapping away! They acutally took great pictures outside to my surprise. It does ok inside when you have a lot of lighting to use!

The first picture was taken today! Montana sent me this gorgeous flower cake! I tell ya I miss that little Sweety! I had so much fun playing with her at Susans house!

The last 3 pictures were taken yesterday!

Ladies tell me what you think of my pictures! LOL

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SageHen said...

I like them all, but I am particularly attracted to the photo of your son by the fence. It has nice textures and I kind of want to know what he's looking at!

I am also LOL because all of my photos from yesterday are of my kids on swings. I'll be posting them today (I always post a day late since I start the threads)

EK12 said...

He is looking at a spider he found walking along the bench on our back deck. He is very intrigued by bugs and more so now that he has glasses. Alas he can see!