Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Birthday SUSAN!

Well today is Susan's Birthday. Most people know that Susan is like a Sister to me!

Anyway with us living so far apart what better way to celebrate her day then CELEBRATING it!

So Susan here is your Cake we got you! It's a Strawberry Boston! One of my favorites!!

Oh and you know we are gonna have presents but the celebration will all start after dinner!

I hope you have a great Birthday Susan!!! I miss ya!

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horseygal said...

OK Elisa, I'm on the way over!!

Susan said...

OMG!! I want some of that cake!! LOL It looks sooooooo yummy! :)

SageHen said...

Man, That cake looks GoooooD!

JoE said...

How long would it take if you sent me a slice of that--

--and in all reality, is there any left????