Sunday, March 12, 2006

Growing up to fast!

This weekend I have been watching my 13 year old a lot! Just watching how he carries him self, how long he spends doing his hair, picking out his clothes etc. I come to a realization that my baby, my first born is almost a man... 13 wow where does the time go??? When most people see Noah or talk to him they think he is 16. Which that shocks me, but Noah is mature for his age. I mean when hubby is deployed he IS the man of the house. He has a pretty deep voice for only being 13. He is in 7th grade and has accomplished so much already. Noah is already a 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and is only a few months away from getting his 2nd degree Black Belt. He wrestles varsity level at school. He is for the most part an A - B student with a pretty decent GPA of 3.82 I can't ask for a much better kid. The girls at school help stroke his ego by flirting with him all the time. It just seems like not to long ago I was changing his diapers... Is there any way to stop them from growing up? Today Noah let me take some pictures of him outside. I was shocked and well I just couldn't pass it up! So I snapped away! I must have about 50 pictures that I took of him today! It's not everyday he lets me take his picture! So for my POD I couldn't decide on just one! I had to put up a couple. I did turn them black and white though! I just love the effect it gave the pictures! The first picture is One of my favorites!!!

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SageHen said...

Don't you hate it when they grow up on you?! My 11 year old DS doesn't let me take his photo, either. I love the shots, and I think the B&W is really nice.

JoE said...

Looks really the B/W!!!

also good that he let you grab the moment to take photos...