Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring? Maybe!

Well I have been thinking of doing the Basic Grey "Spring" contest but I have no Spring pictures. So I decided to look out in the yard for some signs of spring!

This is our tree in the front yard!

So do you think there are any signs of spring by looking at this tree?

Well if you look up in the tree this is what you will see!

See any signs Yet? Well if you will take a closer look with me this is what you will see

Alas signs of spring do lurk in this tree!

These are my POD for Today and well to make up for a few I missed!

So do you think these would be good to use on a Spring layout for a contest?

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Nil said...
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JoE said...

I say--go for it!!!

You have nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain by participating...

you only have a few hours left-get scrappin!!!

SageHen said...

Nice. I wish I had some blooming trees.

Susan said...

Spring is where you find it! LOL If you have an idea for the contest, then I say go for it!

Lu said...

i think so. go for it.

~michelle~ said...

I say you should bloomin' go for it! hehehe! Beautiful tree!