Thursday, March 09, 2006

Out my front Door...

Well today has been one of those weird kind of weather days. Almost makes me feel like i'm back home. Anyway we started the day with high winds and loads of rain then it started to snow. Then snow mixed with rain and now it's all nice and sunny! I am actually having a great day today! You wouldn't know I didn't fall asleep till like 4:30am. It was one of those nights where no matter what I tried to get to sleep nothing worked. I ended up watching RENT for the 10th time, then read 10 chapters in my book. Came down stairs around 3am and e-mailed hubby. sniff sniff I miss my hubby! Thank god I have our children to keep me busy and well I have other things to keep me busy as well. Like house work. I did have all my house work and the kids chores done by 11 am this morning! Now I have nothing to do! I'm just sitting here at my comp rocking out to GREEN DAY! I so love Green Day! Anyway as I was in the livingroom dancing and rocking with Green Day I looked outside and wonderd what it looked like out of eveyones front door??? Is the weather nice? Is your yard clean? So that got me to thinking about my POD... So here it is Ladies and Gents. Look out my front door!!!

And well just to show you how weird the weather has been here is what you will see if you look up out my front door!

I decided to play with the landscape setting on my camera. I need to get familiar with it.. It's one setting I never used till today! I hope you enjoy looking out my front door and I hope to look out yours real soon!

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SageHen said...

We've had the same funky weather, too. Slight frost when I sent the kids to school. Twenty minutes later the cat was demanding to get in because it was storming. At lunchtime it was cold and windy. Now the sun is out, I don't know if it's still cold or not.

Susan said...

Hubby said he had heard that it's supposed to snow down to 500 feet. We're at 57 feet so I know we'll be seeing snow on the hills here. Freaky weather for California.

JoE said...

We don't have a yard. All of our grass is dead because our sprinkler system is out of whack. We were going to buy grass until the pool pump went Kablooey.

you have a nice view BTW!!!