Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Well you just gotta love a lazy Sunday. We spent most of the day watching movies. We spent some time outside as well since we are having a beautiful weekend. Tonight the awards are on till 11pm. So we will just pop in a movie and then go to bed. We did manage to do laundry today though!

For those POD people at Scrappin Trends here are a few pictures for you!

I wish the dinner one would of came out better. I didn't have the light on over the stove which I should of. There is a blue tint to the picture which I don't like, but dinner turned out yummmmmy!

The kids were all sitting at the table coloring and I had to snap a few pictures of them coloring. Here is one. I just love my little guys hands. I often find my self just looking at his hands. I did cut his finger nails after his bath tonight.

So tell me how to make sure I don't get the blue tint in my picture again?

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1 comment:

SageHen said...

Elisa, Did you use a flash? Sometimes that can make the colors look odd. I'm not sure how to get rid of it, but you could try covering the flash with a bit of tissue paper or play around with your camera settings.