Friday, April 27, 2007

Gulp... I have been Tagged!!!!

One of the most fresh, funky and amazing designers tagged me.... YES me. LOL Tammy Kay who is on the Marah Johnson and CI design team tagged me. lol I am supposed to tell you guys seven things/habits about myself and then tag some people. Soooo Ok here goes and please don't laugh.

1. I am only 4'10 inches TALL. Yes I am really short and need a step stool to get most things in my home. My hubby thinks it's funny to put the phone or remote on top of the entertainment center where I can't easily reach them. Not to nice huh. LOL

2. If I could be on any manufacturer or designers DT I would have to pick 2.... I would be beside myself if I was asked to join the Marah Johnson DT. OMG that would be a dream come true. I love ALL of her products and I alway have them at my fingertips. To go hand in hand with that I would LOVE to be on the CI DT. hehe I just LOVE all of there products and I love to ALTER things and they have lots of altering goodies.

3. I snort when I laugh... LOL or should I say SNORT... My good friend Jeanne always makes me snort and when I snort she giggles and says "ohhhhh you snorted" lol I just can't help it sometimes. LOL My daughter is also a snorter. Man this sounds like we should belong to a snorters anonymous group.... lol she hates it but man when ya get us laughing the boys and hubby laugh even harder because her and I are snorting at the same exact moments. LOL

4. I have a thing for bad boy rockers. hehe YUP yup Billie Joe Armstrong the lead singer of Green Day is HOT HOT HOT... Did I say HOT and ummmm Hello Lukas Rossi the lead singer of Rock Star SuperNova.. mmmmmmmmm mm mmmmm

5. Ok so one of my habits and my hubby still swears I'm NUTS. I vacuum all the beds and couches in the house 3 times a week. Ever since watching that bug show on Oprah and seeing those bed bugs. EWWWWWW So I change linens and vacuum the beds and couches 3 times a week. hehe

6. I read to my kids twice a day. Even my oldest who is 14 still loves it when I ready Super Fudge. hehe My third grade teacher always read to us twice a day. She soooooooo made me love to read and become a great reader and writer. Currently we are reading " Ghosthunters and the Incredibly Revolting Ghost" by one of my favorite writers Cornelia Funke. It's actually the first book in the Ghosthunters series. They are kids books and you can find them in those great Scholastic book orders... She soooooo knows how to describe really gross stuff.... My little ones love it and I get some great comments from them like ohhhhhhhhh gross or oh man that is cool.

7. I always say "yup yup" my friends always point it out to me and well they always end up saying it as well. I guess it's a good thing that I rub off on my friends in a yup yup way. lol I love that little dinosaur in land before time that always says yup yup and my little ones watch it or use to watch it all the time so that's where I got it from..

I have never tagged anyone before so here goes....

and all the faculty at the school of scrap.... You gals know who you are....

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Lisa said...

OH no! TAGGED....... ok, I'll list mine and tag other later today. THANKS, girlie... YUP YUP