Friday, June 13, 2008

Aren't they cute...

It finally stopped raining for a bit this afternoon so when I took the puppies out I grabbed the camera.. hehe

Here is Lola and Rockey

Rocky is like 3 times the size of LoLa... They are so stinking cute and just about house broken.

The kids are having a blast with them. Lola is very vocal loves to growl and bark to be let up on the couch with me.. She's doesn't like to be left out of anything and Rockey is more quiet but loves to play with the boys where Lola would rather sit on the couch and watch. Just like a little lady. lol

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Marci Knecht said...

OMG, you got TWO? They are pretty bloody cute...I guess two is as easy as one, or probably easier since they can keep each other company.

Cassie said...

Lola is so cute. She reminds me of one of my inlaws mini dachsunds. She was the runt and was super tiny. She still is very petite but has the biggest personality!! Lola will bring you lots of joy!! (as will her brother I'm sure)