Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

So it's finally Spring and I just love Spring Cleaning... Really I do. Pack up all those winter clothes and take out those Spring ones etc. This month over at Serendipity they are doing a Spring Cleaning Contest... It's a great way to get all your scrappy stuff organized and purge some of it while your at it.

So one of the challenges is Paper... How do you store it? Do you like the way you store it? How is it organized etc etc...

So here is a photo of my paper storage... The first photo was taken a few months ago and My paper was a mess... My cropper hoppers had just pieces of this and that shoved in etc.

So yesterday a friend and I organized my papers alphabetically by Manufacturers. Yes I know I have a lot of paper. I also have one more of these paper racks that sits by my desk that has finished layouts in them as well as DT Kits and papers in them.

All my cardstock, chipboard and scraps are now stored in my Cropper Hoppers that sit on top of my white cabinet. My cardstock is all done by color.

So if you need to spring clean your scraproom head on over to Serendiptiy and do it one challenge at a time.

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The Inkredible Crafter said...

Love the organization! I just receently got my own scrapbooking room so I am working on piecing together all my furniture and holders. Great room btw.