Thursday, February 08, 2007


Things have been totally full of CRAZY FUN.... CHA was a blast and totally fun meeting everyone. Spending time with my Best Friend SUSAN was and is always a total BLAST. Bob even made a trip in. It's been toooo long. LOL I have been totally busy putting the ENTIRE store on sale at Scrappin Trends plus just got done putting all the LOVE, ELSIE stuff on the site for PREORDER. We don't have images yet but most people have already seen pics from CHA. This is one of the most crazy lines people have been waiting for and ELSIE brang it. The entire collection is amazing. Scrappin Trends has the PREORDER Prices at below RETAIL. AMAZING. Remember they will not ship till sometime in APRIL... This collection will SELL OUT in record time.

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Erica said...

wtg on the "Grunge Scrapbook" story! Very cool! Is there a time limit on when we can place pre-orders on the Elsie stuff? I really want to, but I just discovered the pre-order section. Is it too late? Will I be guaranteed it if I pre-order?