Saturday, February 24, 2007

I have finally started scrappin all of my hubby's deployment pictures. He has all these awesome pictures of Markets overseas, streets at night and art on the walls. I wanted a challenge so I thought scrappin pictures that I didn't take and of places I haven't been would be a huge challenge for me... Here is a layout of a live seafood market in Hong Kong. I think the pictures are pretty different. I just love looking at all the pictures and seeing how different things are in other places.

Someone at the Scrapbook Chalet said they wanted to see some of my sketches for scrapbooking. So I thought I would put a couple up... Hope you like em.

Other things I am working on...

Article's for Creative TECHniques magazine.... Can I just say how much I love this magazine. I love the step by step photoshop instructions that come with the projects that use photoshop. I am totally new to photoshop and so far i'm totally loving it. Still getting familiar. As it didn't come with a book. So if you know of any good photoshop books please let me know.

I am also working on a paper line. Have a few sheets done and will be working on a few more this weekend. I will put up some sneak peaks when I have a full collection done. They will not be sneaks of the full sheet of paper just a glimps from the sheet.

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Tammy said...

These are soooooooo cool and so is your "grunge" style! TOTALLY ROCKIN'

NancyJones said...

ohhhh these rock outloud girl!!!! LOVE LOVE YOUR SKETCHES AND YOUR PAGE YOU DID.