Monday, June 18, 2007

Chipboard....Ya just gotta love it and have it all...

Or at least I do.. hehe I have so much that well ya just need a special place to store it all.. Hubby purchased this cabinet for me... I was like hrmmmm well I know I can put my cropper hoppers in the bottom but what to do with the other drawers. So then he opens then and they have all these slots you can put together.... OH YEAH what an amazing place for my chipboard... hehe

OHhhhhhhhhhhhh this is like the drawer that is opened the most... Yes I totally love Magistical Memories chipboard and well I use that the most except for the alphas... They discontinued them so I horde them... So I am hoping that in the near future they will do them again. hehe All the flowers are mixed together. I love mixing and matching them.. There are also some HS ghost shapes and a few other alphas that I use a lot.

I won all these shapes from Deluxe Designs... I totally need to use them more often. I think I used up all the hearts and most of the stars. lol

I have 4 of these in total... They carry all my chipboard by letter and number.. I am in the process of altering them.. I will be sure to post pics of them when I'm done. They will match my desk that I'm altering..

So how do you store your chipboard and what is your favorite chipboard????

Thanks for looking.

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Bucket said...

OMG now that is a whole lot of chipboard you have there!! I love your storage system!!

Marci said...

Good God Woman! I haven't seen that much chipboard in one place in my life. I love that storage cabinet - that rocks man!

~Lea~ said...

Good gracious you have a lot of chipboard! That storage is perfect for it though...what an awesome find! Gotta love your DH for picking it up!!

Have a great day!

Anam_Kihaku said...

OH My!! thats a lot fo chipbaord - i am jelaous!!