Monday, June 11, 2007

What a great feeling..

OMG it feels awesome to have my scrap desk CLEAN... I am getting ready to start a new project so that is the papers and embellishments that I am going to be using. All the stuff along the back of my desk and side is always there. I have to have my favorite things at an arms reach. I am just loving the clean desk and scrap studio.... I am having a garage sale next week and went through all my stuff that I no longer need. It feels good to purge... So what does your scrap deck look like? (Lea, Susan, Jeanne, Tammy Kay, Cheryl, Angela, Michelle, Dena, Lani, Sara W, Camille, Nathalia, Jennie, Debbie V, Connie T, Lori R, and Marci?) I will be checking your blogs to see your scrap desk.. hehe

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a little about me and my life said...

i posted a few pictures of my messy nook a few days ago. Not clean and organized like yours. But it is mine and only mine! Love your desk. It looks like it would just make you smile sitting there!

~Lea~ said... don't want to know what my desk, nor my entire scrap area looks like right now. Just consider that I am swamped with deadlines right now...and have had no time to put things away. You get the drift...tee hee hee!
Your scrap area looks great Elisa! I can't wait until I become unburied with deadlines so I can see my area again! Have a great day!

Marci said...

Oh, a challenge! Yikes. My doesn't look as clean as yours, I'll tell you that. I'll post a photo though. :)

Lori said...

there is nothing so inspiring as a clean space just waiting for some fabulous creativity to mess it up! i just got back from AZ so mine is covered with mail and junk! oh and new stuff that i'm itching to use!