Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rub-ons, Caardvarks and cards *Oh my*hehe

While I sit here waiting patiently for my hubby to pull up in the drive way from being away since JULY.... He just called and said about 30 more min. So here I sit. I guess since I have a few things to talk about it would help pass the time.

Caardvarks a wonderful and amazing CARD challenge site had asked me to make up some cards for there Nov. 20th Challenge. Plus The embellishment studio is sponsoring them. So since everyone knows how much I love The embellishement studio I couldn't pass it up. So the challenge is rub-ons. Man that's a great challenge for me as I have a TON of rub-ons. It was a great way to get rid of some older rub-ons and play with some new ones. It was a blast to do and I am still so excited that they asked me to make some cards. Most of you know that until recently I didn't make cards because lets face it. I just didn't get it and couldn't make a decent card for the life of me. One of my friends pointed me in the right directions of my creative self and whoa did the card maker in me bust out.. LOL Ok ok so here are my cards. lol

I hope you like them. Be sure to check out the Caardvarks DT's cards as they are amazing and I hope you will join in on the challenge. You have till November 30th to get it linked on Caardvarks for a chance to win an awesome kit from The embellishment studio.

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Marci Knecht said...

Woo Hoo! He's probably home by now :)

Great cards, I love how you used the 8 as two o's. Very clever!

Torn-Paper Jen said...

Welcome home to Mr. Man! Elisa, you did a fabulous job with this challenge - thank you for your DT work. These cards are so freaking fun!

Sandra said...

Great cards Elisa! Love those owls!

lauren said...

well, i've said it before, but it bears repeating: i LOOOOOOOOVE these cards!!! i cannot *imagine* how you got the idea you were not a cardmaker??! that's just CRZY TALK! you freakin' well ROCK the cards! :) (ps: the old bird one totally cracks me up! i am SOOOO stealing that line!)