Thursday, February 04, 2010

Check this out...

seriously, this is

. . .straight from sadie's mouth. . .

"Ring the cowbells and round up all your friends, because everyone is going to want to hear this udderly fantastic news!

Purple Cows has partnered up with Joann’s to give you the best new tool at the best price EVER! Sometime in the next week to ten days, your local Joann’s Fabric and Craft Store will be THE exclusive location to purchase our brand new #3025 Hot/Kool Laminator –and it is only $59.95!"

"So make sure you get into your local Joann and get your hands on the “hottest” crafting tool out there. With this 13” wide format laminator you will be able to laminate items you never dreamed possible! 3 mil, 5 mil laminating pouches are available, and speaking of pouches, we have a huge 100 assorted size Hot Pocket pack for only $29.95, to go with this “Kool” new tool!

Go to your local Joanns and get yours before they stampede off of the shelves! They will be in stock ANYTIME between now and the end of Febuary!

Come back tomorrow, and see an example of the fantastic projects you will be capable of creating with the Purple Cows #3025 Hot/Kool Laminator, and to hear about MORE of the great features of this Moo-riffic new tool"

so i say--thanks sadie!!--now giddy up to joanne's and get your laminator on!!

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