Friday, June 25, 2010

Homemade Popsicles.. yum

With it finally summer and the weather feeling somewhat like summer the kids love eating popsicles. I hate buying the sugar loaded popsicles so this year I thought that making our own would be healthier and maybe a bit cheaper. So when I was at Michaels a few weeks ago I spotted some decent popsicle containers in the $1 bin... Awesome score So I picked up 6 with different color ends. What's cool is they even have a straw attached to the part you hold it at so the kids can easily suck up any juice. hehe

Here are some photos of the kids enjoying the popsicles they made.

These are made out of Strawberry Yogurt. Just spoon it in your popsicle containers and freeze for a few hours. They taste smooth and creamy and they are healthy...

I love this one... Joshua didn't even notice Rocky going in for a taste. LOL

These were made out strawberries and mango cut up and put into the popsicle containers then filled with white cranberry peach juice. Let freeze for a few hours and enjoy. The kids love these and love that the fruit isn't totally frozen and easy to eat.

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Anonymous said...

I must try! They look and sound so tasty! My stomach is rumbling looking at the photos!