Thursday, December 18, 2008

Man do we have the snow...

Well the snow has finally fallen here in the Pacific Northwest. lol I know it seems weird to say that living in Washington we don't get a lot of snow and honestly we don't. The mountains tend to get all the snow. We usually see just a couple inches a year here. Well mother nature has surely decided to let it snow here. LOL Not just a couple inches either. It started snowing about 1am Wednesday here and as of early this morning we have received 23" inches of snow here in our little town. School has been closed since Wednesday morning and they have already closed school for tomorrow also. So the kids have started their Christmas break a bit early. LOL It has been snowing all day and it's still coming down. It's suppose to stop later tonight and then more snow starting late Saturday. LOL

With us not use to getting a lot of snow here the roads are just awful. We have not seen a plow yet. Here is a photo of what our cul-da-sac looks like

People have been driving there 4 wheelers in the cul-de-sac and having a blast sliding.. lol We have had NO MAIL since Tuesday.... lol The kids are hoping Grandma's boxes will make it for Christmas. hehe

Here is a look at my back porch. I think this will show ya how much snow we have. LOL It has been untouched except for the kids putting the yard stick in to see how much snow has fallen. The last measurement was at noon at the yard stick said 26 inches.

Here is Isaiah standing up behind his wall of snow getting ready for a snow ball fight. LOL

I have to say it is pretty and I really did wish for a White Christmas so I am enjoying it and enjoying the kids being home and hubby not having to go to work. lol We are staying safe and the kids are glad I went grocery shopping before the bad weather started. The power keeps going off and Last night around 9:30 our power went out again and we all slept in the living room where the fire place is so we could all stay warm. The kids loved it and we played games via candle light. hehe

The snow is suppose to stop late tonight and more snow is suppose to start late on Saturday. hehe

Well I should get this posted before the power pops off again. LOL Thank goodness for candles and oil lamps. hehe

Have a great weekend.

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Marci Knecht said...

Wow, you weren't kidding! You guys really got dumped on. Enjoy! Now you'll have a nice stash of winter pics to scrapbook :)

Lea L. said...

Holy cow...and here I am over in Montana with very little snow! Supposedly that same storm you are having is supposed to hit us...but it has stalled. So...we will see! Stay safe, and have fun!


Kary said...

How FUN!!! Love the pics you took and
your kids look like they're having a blast!

Stay safe, girlie!!

david santos said...

Good Year of 2009!