Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Our amazing weather...NOT

We have had rain for several days now and it's so bad that most of the rivers have crested and there are all kinds of flash flood warnings, floods, mudslides and the mountains are having avalanches etc.

So while I was out this afternoon running errands and making a run to the grocery store and the craft store I took my camera along and snapped some photos of the river by our home. You can click on the photos for a bigger size.

This is a photo of the bridge the trains use that is over the river by our house. The bridge is normally at least 20 feet above the river if not higher. As you can see the river is almost touching it.

Here is a photo of the Soccer fields just up the road from the first photo. There was just snow there the other day. LOL

This photo is of the road that is down the road from the first photo as you can see the river cresting and flooding has made it to the roads.

It is still coming down like buckets out side and will continue to rain all of tomorrow as well.

I am already waiting for summer. LOL

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Amy said...

Whoaa! It's a mess out there.
That's crazy. Hope you are staying warm and dry!


Marci Knecht said...

OMG, that's insane! Stay safe, and don't drive over that bridge ;)

Tricia said...

wowzers! look at all of that water!!! keep you need an ark?