Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kings of Leon... woot woot

Kings of Leon is on this weeks cover of Billboard Magazine.

This band totally rocks. I have been listening to them for a few years and the latest album is amazing. I have just about the entire new album on my playlist on the sidebar. Scroll down the list and you will see them all. They are all twords the top of the list. Check em out you won't be sorry. I also have some awesome acustic tracks from Daughtry.

Well the hubby is gone and I am totally SICK. It always happens when he's gone. LOL I was talking to him a bit ago and he feels so bad that he isn't here to take care of me and I have lots of running around with the kids from this class to that class and youth group etc. etc. I did get a bit of sleep but it's now after midnight and I am awake and sneezing my head off. I feel like I have whip lash. lol

I did work on a few projects today when I was feeling better. (Thanks Marci) hehe I hope to finish them up tomorrow but won't be able to post them as they are for March DT work for Serendipity, but hopefully I can put up a sneek sometime next week. The kit I got is AMAZING.

Speaking of Serendipity if you like online crops and great deals you will want to check out the crop this weekend at Serendipity. There are already early bird challenges posted etc. Kristen does blue light specials during her crops and the deals are AWESOME... Sign up in the crop section and tell them I sent ya. hehe

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