Friday, November 10, 2006

The other option

So in the scrapbooking world as most of my friends are a part of. We have all become to love our poster paint sharpies.... Well they can be kind of hard to come by. Then when you do find them they are a bit expensive. Yes I have paid over $3.00 just to get my hands on a sharpie. So if your like me and love your white sharpie then of course you want other colors so the search begins all over again. Well being a Scrapbook store owner (Scrappin Trends) I get e-mails all the time for sharpies and yes I have ordered them and sold out within days. We put them in our kits and those sold out in days and we have even had a waiting list for them. Yes crazy I know. Anyway those that know me know I am always willing to help the next scrapper. Get you the things your looking for. Yes I even ordered up a ton of Prima vases for the contest going on now just to help people get what they wanted. So anyway back to sharpies. So a few months back I found a different white paint marker that was also acid free. So I had to purchase it. Got home tried it and loved it just as much as my sharpie. To be honest with you. I think it is better then then sharpie on Darker paper. The white seems to be more white then the sharpie that tends to be a bit off white if you know what I mean. So yes I have been on the look out to find more of these paint markers. So the other day while I was shoping at Wal-Mart Yes Wal-mart. I was looking in there craft section by the paint and the wood alpha letters when I looked up and guess what I found.... Yup they were there all this time. I never would of thought that Wal-Mart had what I was looking for. Plus they had them in color packages with 5 different colors in each. So if your still looking for sharpies go and check out your local Wal-Mart in the Craft sections for these little babies. They come in Fine point and Medium point tips.

They are made by Elmer's They say they are Non Toxic (great for kids), Acid Free!!

You will not be disapointed with these and the best thing is they are $7.97 for a package of 5. You can also get them one at a time. I got a silver metalic one for $2.57 which I think was a bit more then the regular colors because it was metalic but I could be wrong.

Be sure to come back and let me know what you think of these because I know you will be running out to Wal-Mart to find these.

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Anonymous said...

NO WAY! I WAS JUST AT WAL MART! what do I need so I can sneak these into my buggy hehehehehehe

liannallama said...

Great tip! Thanks so much!