Monday, November 13, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Here in the state of Washington we have just been getting hit with loads of rain.

They say these storms that we are getting back to back are really bad. The flooding that is going on out here is crazy. The news says the storms are the worse they have seen in over a decade.

A friend of hubby's and mine took these pictures. I'm not sure where he lives but it's only about 20 minutes from us.

Can you imagine sharing your road with Salmon?

Or what about a house floating down the river?

I just can't imagine. Where we live at the rivers are all overflowing. We live up high enough that it isn't an impact on our home but several streets out here are closed due to the river overflowing.

I plan on going out today to take some pictures of my own if we get a break in the rain. We are suppose to have a few dry spots today.

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Susan said...

Kurt would be in heaven if the salmon were in the streets! LOL He'd be out there with a net catching them! LOL

~Lea~ said...

What amazing photos...but totally scary!! Keep dry girl!!!!

*Jeanne* said...

OMG! Those photos are just breath taking. WOW! Don't you dare wash away...

I can not believe the salmon picture.. that is amazing.

You stay dry my dear friend!