Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Technique Tuesday...

I had a lot of e-mails/pm's when I uploaded my owl album I did for Clear Scraps. Most of the questions were how did I get the tree embellishment to look the way it did...

I promised everyone I would share the technique... so here it is.

Items you will need.

Hambly overlays
Alcohol inks and tool
Clear Scraps Acrylic

Once you have all your supplies you want to start applying your alcohol inks to your acrylic

This next step you want to move quickly... Take the rough side of your Hambly overlay and set it on top of your inked up piece of acrylic

you will notice that the alcohol ink will start to react with the overlay.

With some firm pressure you want to hold onto the overlay and rub like you would a rub-on (do not let your Hambly or Acrylic move)

After about a min you can lift off the Hambly overlay and this is what you will have on your piece of acrylic

Here are a few other examples

Now remember to use the rough side not the smooth side of the Hambly Overlays and be sure to share your projects you did using this technique.

Also feel free to link to this technique...


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Jules said...

Beautiful results and a very cool technique!

Pamela said...

Great technique!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow - don't you just love to experiment!?

Bev said...

what a great trick! I am so going to steal that! Now I wish I hadn't gotten rid of all those overlay scraps!

Anonymous said...

Such a cool technique, my dear! WOW!

Queen of Paper said...

What cool ideas! I love the colors